Full Koleksi Foto Ari Waveya Sexy Part 1

Waveya is a Korean Dance Group led by dance choreographer Ari and her sister, MiU.
Present members: Ari (아리) and MiU (미유).
Past members:Cansu (칸수), Mirae (미래), Hyang (향), YuNa (유나), Doori (두리), YuJi (유지),Yess (예스), Rumi (루미), Jin (진), and Hai (하이) The dance group was founded by Ari. There have been several changes in the lineup since the group began. The reasons are unknown as to why the original members left. Although many people believe that the former members left due to school and or work. Waveya's popularity started to increase since they uploaded the YouTube video, Psy- Gangnam Style: Waveya. Since then, Waveya has produced YouTube videos, given concerts, and made some commercials.Waveya are originally from South Korea and can speak English. The girl group is famous internationally.[citation needed] The group has performed concerts in various countries such as Korea, the United
States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Germany and Sweden. As of March 2015 Waveya has performed many dances with only Ari and MiU present. This led fans to speculate that members Jin and Hai had departed. It was later released that Waveya was in search for new members.

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Wah sexy banget masbro, kaya barbie..

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Bikin pusing pala barbie gan, haha

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